About Us
We’re still growing, but what’s crucial to us hasn’t changed. Sustainability is, and has actually always been, main to what we do. In 2007, we ended up being a starting B Corporation, which developed an independent third-party certification of a company’s sustainability.

Together with sustainability, supporting creativity and the artist community is incredibly important to us. Today our selection has grown from a collection of Dave’s trade convention discovers to a huge selection of items handpicked by a full-fledged buying team, who search the web for the current in creative design and, simply like in our early days, struck the road to revive treasures from around the country. Thanks to our neighborhood of artists and designers, we also discover lots of unique pieces through online item submissions. Furthermore, we have actually grown an internal product development team, who work hard to develop new products sure to make skilled style junkies swoon.

As we go into a brand-new age of service, we’ll remain concentrated on our commitment to sustainability and creative style. We’ll never ever quit working to offer an impressive shopping experience to our customers, make our business our employee’ preferred location to work, commemorate craftsmanship and development, and support our community of artisans, designers, and imaginative thinkers. We have a feeling the future will be uncommonly great.